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Fuck you and, uh, fuck her too.

(Oooo ooo oooooooh.)

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i love her so much ugh


i love her so much ugh

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This gives me the chills ! Soo cool


This gives me the chills ! Soo cool

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I’ve been researching for the last 3 hours… but not for school (although I have tons of homework I should certainly be working on).

Nope, instead I’ve been reading forums and blogs written by super-nerds about Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire.

SPOILER ALERT, I’ve been getting sucked into theories about Jon Snow being Azor Ahai reborn, or about how Viserion (the dragon) and Jon’s direwolf Ghost are both white with red eyes. If Jon really is the son of Lyanna and Rhaegar like most people, myself included, believe… he’ll be able to skinchange into Viserion. How freaking cool would that be?

Also, I’m pretty convinced that Jon will be brought back to life by Melisandre in the next book - and the whole Azor Ahai theory will fall into place.

The point of this post is… GRRM is fucking brilliant. Seriously, he has carefully constructed an extremely complex world and has thoroughly developed his characters, to the point of knowing their exact lineage all the way back to the time of the first men. His characters live in a world that exceeds them in so many ways - The Others/Whitewalkers, the various religions, the Doom of Valyria, the Children of the Forest… I can’t believe that one person could devise such a rich, fictional history. But while he allows us to see the bigger picture and the ultimate threats at hand, he still manages to wrap us up in the politics surrounding the war for the Iron Throne. It’s amazing. The timeline is acutely planned and plot holes in his books are pretty much non-existent.

I know he’s taking forever to finish WoW, but the wait will be worth it I’m sure.

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Working 50 hours a week and going to school is exhausting… but I can’t say I’m unhappy.

Today I cleaned up & raked my patio in this beautiful weather. I’m going to decorate and buy a hammock, so I’ll share pictures when I finish :) It was going to be my summer project, but I feel like getting a head start before the weather gets too hot.

Right now I’m trying to decide whether or not I want to lay outdoor tiles, or if I want to just use a few stepping stones. The area isn’t very grassy so I’m leaning towards tile for sure.

But I definitely see lots of grilling & chilling happening in the next few months. I’m excited!

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How did I ever forget how perfect this song is?

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This scene broke my heart.

This scene broke my heart.

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If I have to listen to one more redneck political debate at school today, I’m gonna go postal.

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